• Hot Runner Temperature Controller|Hot Runner Controllers 4zone
  • Hot Runner Temperature Controller|Hot Runner Controllers 4zone

Hot Runner Temperature Controller|Hot Runner Controllers 4zone

4Zone hot runner temperature controllers for high quality hot runner systems

Temperature Controller Introduction:

It  is  designed special  for Hot runner system  and suitable for all heaters  that the load current is smaller than  30A.  The outline and installation of this controller  accord with international standard and suitable for all standard controller box . Each controller can control  one heater , it can be used very easy and  can interchange with any other  standard controllers


1.    Operation panel of Temperature control card adopts light-touch key and double row 4 bits LED Display mode , equips with text indicating light to display equipment running status.  

2.     Simple operation , accurate temperature control , fast for new user to enter working state.

3.     Temperature control card adopts international universal standard structure, It is easy to be exchanged and interchangeble with other supplier’s product

4.    Each temperature control card has the same function so that it is exchangeable with each other ,easy for user’s maintenance and spare parts storage.

5.    Can set K type and J type of thermocouple sensor signal , accurate temperature non-linear treatment and integrated cold junction compensation

6.    Zero-crossing trigger control mode,  PWM pulse width output adjustment

7.    Temperature setting and display with Centigrade and Fahrenheit

8.    Thermocouple  reverse connection alarm function and auto-protect        

9.     Silicon control breakdown alarm and auto-protectt

10.   FUZYY+PID control  algorithm, PID parameter has two moldes,on-line automatic

    setting and manual setting

11.  Equip with hot runner soft-start heating mode,soft-start heating power and time can freely set

12.   Except for system auto-control,it also has manual control mode for  heating mode of  special occasion

13.   There is a protection function for wrong connections to 380V, in order to ensure the safety of the temperature controller card

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