How to choose plastic material for aumotive instrument panel

For instrument panel(Abbreviation IP), How to choose the plastic material during injection moulding?

Below factors we need consider:

1.  Surface treatment requirements:

The middle panel of the instrument panel and the left and right air conditioning air outlet panel often need to increase the peach wood texture on the surface. Therefore, crystalline materials such as ABS and PC/ABS should be used. PP, a crystalline material, is also often used but must be surface activated. Can spray paint, process complexity, spray paint quality is more difficult to control.

2. Surface gloss requirements:

Dashboard surface gloss is usually required to be less than 5, using PP plastic can achieve this requirement. If PVC and ABS plastics are used, the surface gloss can even reach a requirement below.

3. Structural strength requirements:

Complex instrument frame structure is complex and sophisticated, usually using a harder PC/ABS

Temperature requirement: The high temperature resistance of the front panel of the instrument panel is above 120°C, the high temperature requirement of the direct sunlight area is above 110°C, and the high temperature requirement of the non-direct sunlight area is above 90°C.

Commonly used materials refer to below:

  Materials Vicat temperature/°C Application
IP skeleton, decorative panels, defrost demister
IP skeleton, high modulus, brittleness
160 IP skeleton, brittleness
about 120 IP skeleton, glove box, air outlet
ABS     95~105 
Parts and components
150 Speaker cover, moving parts
98 Blowpipe

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