How to choose Hot runner system

We usually consider to use hot runner system for injection molding as below conditions;
1)Thermo sensitive materials
2) Big product or a thin case
3) Long runner
4) A large quantity of products 

5) strict with the appearance of the product and precision

Hot runner system(for plastic mould)benefits:

1、When the thickness of thin products, to ensure melt away sufficiently to reach the gate (into the plastic mouth) parts, 
which reduces the degree of deformation of the product,greatly improving the consistency of product quality and product surface
2、Pressure loss in the flow channel,the melt flow is good,easy uniform density,injection molded parts to avoid distortion,
as well as the size of the batch peak instability and color defects
3、Eliminate all or most of the material (material outlet),without manual cutting nozzle,no longer crushed,improve the utilization of materials,
energy conservation,improve production efficiency(often shrink,underfilling,weld lines,uneven color,flash,warping can be significantly improved or eliminated)
4、Eliminating the additional heat waste brought only plastic mold cooling cycle cooling time,shorten the processing cycle
5、Runner are automatically cut off the gate,the gate to improve the appearance and improve the automation of operations
6、Precise control of the melt temperature of the plastic,eliminating the degradation of the material,so that a more reasonable dwell time,reduce internal stress
7、Lower injection pressure,help protect the mold and prolong life