How manifold plug affects the hot runner system leakage

Today we will talk about how manifold plug affects the hot runner system leakage.

1)  The manifold is welded with trachoma.

2)  The manifold plug is separated from the manifold plate. For example, six drops hot runner system, which are two times in succession. The reason is that the material of the electrode is not the same as the material of the manifold. This is difficult to control. It is recommended that all the manifold plugs will not be welded in the future, and they will be locked with headless screws. The plugs are sealed with a copper seal. The purpose of doing so can be reduced, and the second process can be controlled.

3). The plug is not blocked well and leaks. In this case, only one customer has occurred. The situation is special. In the future, if you encounter such a situation, you must cut the insert to block the safety.

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