Hot runner mould injection problem-material discolorationl,charred or degradation

Hot runner mould injection common problem: material discolorationl,charred or degradation

Main reason:

1. Improper temperature control

2. Inlet or gate size is too small to cause greater shear heat

3. The dead point in the runner leads to prolonged heating time


1. Accurate control of temperature.

   In order to accurately and quickly determine the temperature fluctuations,to allow the thermocouple pin to directly contact the manifold plate or nozzle wall,and make it located in the center of each independent temperature control zone,Head temperature point and the flow channel wall  distance should not be greater than 10mm is appropriate,should make the heating element as far as possible on both sides of the runner.

  Temperature control can be used under the central processor operation of intelligent fuzzy logic technology,It has a temperature limit alarm and automatic adjustment function.Can make the melt temperature control within the required accuracy range

2. Revise the gate size.

   Try to avoid the runner dead point,increase the gate diameter appropriately within the permissible range,to prevent too much shear heat.

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