Hot runner installation

Hot runner installation steps

1# First to ensure that the hot runner and accessories integrity, with particular attention can not let the tip and seal the        plastic damage caused by collision.

2# Check the mold cavity size, especially the sealing bit and depth.

3# When installing the hot runner nozzle, check the heights are consistent for the top surface of nozzle,height of the          cavity and the height of the center pin.

4# At this point to distinguish between each group of power supply phase and polarity. Make a mark to prevent wiring        confusion

5# Pay attention to all the wires arranged according to diagram, and then carefully equipped with manifold, can not            pressure line, with a multimeter to detect the heater and thermocouple power

6# Check that the height of manifold pad is 0.1mm higher than that of the cavity plate.

7# When the mold panel is installed, be careful not to press all the wires.

8# At this time and then install hot runner cylinder and valve pin, solenoid valve and so on

9# The final installation of the junction box and the industrial connector wiring (with particular attention to wiring, different companies different standards)

10#.Check whether the line leakage, connected to the temperature control box, the temperature is normal for the installation is completed. 

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