Hot runner gate design principles and runner design standards

Hot runner gate design principles and runner design standards

Gate layout principle,the layout of the gate has the following principles:

1) Determining the number of gates according to the size of the product, the thickness of the product, and the characteristics of the flow length ratio of the injection molding material.

2) According to the appearance requirements of the product, the gate cannot be designed at the position of the appearance surface, and the weld line cannot appear on the appearance surface and the weak area.

3) For non-sequentially filled products, it is necessary to balance the filling of each gate to the end of the product.

4) Minimize the length of the runner when the above requirements are met, and reduce the pressure loss and the mass of the gluing system.

There are many problems in practical work that cannot be solved by experience. In the design, mold flow analysis is necessary to determine the number and position of gates. Before the initial determination of the gate location and the number of mold flow analysis, it can be considered according to similar products in the past.

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