Hot runner cylinder and plastic mold matching problem

Hot runner cylinder and plastic mold matching problem

    Today we will talk about a mold cylinder open cavity problem leading to the normal use of hot runners

    Hot runner system type: 4 drops valve gate hot runner system

    Product: 19-inch LCD front frame


    When the customer tries the mold, there is gas coming out of the muffler. It is still not good to replace the new muffler, and the replacement of the new aluminum plate, the problem still exists. Finally, the entire set of cylinder seals was replaced, so that the problem could be solved and the result was not solved.


    When the customer opened the cylinder chamber, the depth was 4 mm, and the inlet was staggered by 4 mm. When we took out the cylinder, the air passage scraped the seal. The sealing ring is just sealed in one third of the airway hole. The gas is not completely sealed. Even if the sealing ring is not scratched, the gas will run out into the air.


    So when we assemble the hot runner system, we need check the hot runner system and mould matching position at the same time.

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