Factors affect plastic product warpage

What factors affect plastic product warpage, We mainly discuss from two aspects

Aspect 1:Injection molding machine

a. The temperature of the raw material is too low. It directly affects the liquidity

b. Holding pressure and time inappropriate
c. Injection pressure and time inappropriate
d. The barrel and nozzle temperatures are too low
e. Improper cooling time

Aspect 2: Plastic mould
a. Gate position
The location of the gate directly affects the flow of plastic, packing, flow-filled balance.It will affect the density, pressure, temperature distribution, due to the different gate position, packing pressure compensation flow of the corresponding order
is different。Fill imbalance, response density, pressure, temperature, etc. on the uneven distribution. Therefore, the choice of gate location is critical.
b. Runner is too small.
It affect flow and filling
c. Cooling uneven
d. The mold temperature is too low
e. Product design reasons, uneven wall thickness, ribs and other unreasonable.

f.  Eject out imbalance

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