Advantages and disadvantages of seperated hot runner system

Advantages and disadvantages of seperated hot runner system

Seperated hot runner system advantage:

1. Hot runner cost is low

2. The thickness of the mold will be 50~80mm thinner than the integrated hot runner system

3. Compared with the integrated hot runner system, the processing amount of the hot runner portion of the mold is small

Seperated hot runner system disadvantage:

1. The technical requirements of the workers are high, and the workers are required to be very familiar with the hot runners, so that they can skillfully assemble the hot runners.

2. Because hot runner manifold and nozzle are separated, it is necessary to press the mold to compact the hot runner nozzle for flat sealing. For large molds, the risk of leakage is high due to processing precision.

3. High requirements for hot runner plate thickness and frame opening processing accuracy

4. The wires of the hot runner are all exposed outside, and after the hot runner is disassembled many times, it is easy to cause the hot runner wire to be broken and crushed by the mould, thereby causing the fuse to be short-circuited, and the thermocouple can not sense the temperature.

5. Since the hot runner components are separated from each other, it will greatly increase the installation time, and the hot runner and the mold need to be matched well during the installation process.

6. Due to the lack of professional installation tools in the mold factory and the lack of proficiency of the workers, hot runner damage and installation failure are often caused during the installation process.

7. For the valve gate hot runner system, the mold factory needs to process the oil hole or the air hole on the plate. The iron scrap of the oil hole is often difficult to completely clean, and the production is easy to block the hot runner cylinder and the injection molding machine oil circuit solenoid valve.

8. High maintenance costs

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