Advantages and disadvantages of integrated hot runner systems

Advantages and disadvantages of integrated hot runner systems

Integrated hot runner system advantage:

1. Easy to assemble and disassemble, the hot runner system can be hoisted and installed to greatly shorten the installation and disassembly time

2. The technical requirements for workers are not high

3. Since the hot runner is integrally assembled, the risk of leaking is small.

4. The requirements for the thickness of the hot runner plate and the precision of the frame opening process are not high.

5. All the wires of the hot runner are pre-installed in the metal frame, and the wires will not be damaged due to the disassembly and assembly, thus causing the short circuit of the heating ring to burn out.

6. Since the hot runner supply is integrally assembled, the assembly between the components of the hot runner is assembled by professional technicians of the hot runner company, so that assembly accuracy and reliability can be ensured, and subsequent assembly and disassembly are not required. Good retention of assembly accuracy

7. Low maintenance costs

Integrated hot runner system disadvantage:

1. The cost of integrated hot runner system  is high

2. It will increase the thickness of the mold 50~80MM

3. Because of the existence of the existing frame, the open frame area and machining amount of the hot runner plate will be increased.

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